Web Class: A Bite-Sized Guide to NumPy

A Bite-Sized Guide to Numpy

You can access the full course here: Bite-Sized NumPy Transcript 1 We’ll simply search for download Anaconda, and we’ll want to select this first link here, this is conda.io. So what we wanna do is download Anaconda here, so we’ll click on this link and this brings us to the Anaconda website. So there’s a … Read moreWeb Class: A Bite-Sized Guide to NumPy

Machine Learning Mini-Degree

Master Machine Learning with Python and Tensorflow. Craft Advanced Artificial Neural Networks and Build Your Cutting-Edge AI Portfolio. The Machine Learning Mini-Degree is an on-demand learning curriculum composed of 6 professional-grade courses geared towards teaching you how to solve real-world problems and build innovative projects using Machine Learning and Python. Learn and understand the fundamentals necessary to build the next … Read moreMachine Learning Mini-Degree

Python Mini-Degree

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Go from Zero to Python Expert – Learn Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Game Development and Internet of Things (IoT) App Development. We live in a world that is continuously advancing as a result of technological innovation. To succeed in this ever-changing world, you’ll need to learn and gain expertise in the technologies … Read morePython Mini-Degree