Machine Learning Mini-Degree

Master Machine Learning with Python and Tensorflow. Craft Advanced Artificial Neural Networks and Build Your Cutting-Edge AI Portfolio. The Machine Learning Mini-Degree is an on-demand learning curriculum composed of 6 professional-grade courses geared towards teaching you how to solve real-world problems and build innovative projects using Machine Learning and Python. Learn and understand the fundamentals necessary to build the next … Read moreMachine Learning Mini-Degree

Web Class: Introduction to AI

You can access the full course here: The Complete Artificial Neural Networks Developer Course Transcript In this video, I just need to introduce the concept of what artificial intelligence and machine learning to then help give some background information. So, first of all, what is artificial intelligence and why do we actually need it? And … Read moreWeb Class: Introduction to AI

Free E-book – Deep Learning with Python for Human Beings

We are excited to announce that we have just released a comprehensive new intermediate-level eBook on Machine Learning! Written by computer science researcher Mohit​ ​Deshpande, this eBook is guaranteed to give you that more advanced outlook in this exciting field. The concepts covered in this book build on top of our previous entry-level Machine Learning … Read moreFree E-book – Deep Learning with Python for Human Beings

Understanding Advanced Convolutional Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are used in all of the state-of-the-art vision tasks such as image classification, object detection and localization, and segmentation. Previously, we’ve only discussed the LeNet-5 architecture, but that hasn’t been used in practice for decades! We’ll discuss some more modern and complicated architectures such as GoogLeNet, ResNet, and DenseNet. These are … Read moreUnderstanding Advanced Convolutional Neural Networks

A Guide to Improving Deep Learning’s Performance

Although deep learning has great potential to produce fantastic results, we can’t simply leave everything to the learning algorithm! In other words, we can’t treat the model as some black-box, closed entity that can read our minds and perform the best! We have to be involved in the training and design process to make sure … Read moreA Guide to Improving Deep Learning’s Performance

Complete Guide to Deep Neural Networks – Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Last time, we formulated our multilayer perceptron and discussed gradient descent, which told us to update our parameters in the opposite direction of the gradient. Now we’re going to mention a few improvements on gradient descent and discuss the backpropagation algorithm that will compute the gradients of the cost function so … Read moreComplete Guide to Deep Neural Networks – Part 2

Complete Guide to Deep Neural Networks – Part 1

Neural networks have been around for decades, but recent success stems from our ability to successfully train them with many hidden layers. We’ll be opening up the black-box that is deep neural networks and looking at several important algorithms necessary for understanding how they work. To solidify our understanding, we’ll code a deep neural network … Read moreComplete Guide to Deep Neural Networks – Part 1