How to Use Machine Learning to Show Predictions in Augmented Reality – Part 2

Part 1 Recap This tutorial is part of a multi-part series: in Part 1, we loaded our data from a .csv file and used Linear Regression in order to predict the number of patients that the hospital is expected to receive in future years. Introduction In this second part, we will focus our work on … Read more

How to Use Machine Learning to Show Predictions in Augmented Reality – Part 1

Introduction In this tutorial series, you’ll learn how to develop a project that integrates Machine Learning algorithms for predictions and Augmented Reality for data visualization. For this project we will use Unity 3D and EasyAR, we’ll build Machine Learning algorithms from the ground up in order to give you a better understanding of how Machine … Read more

Dimensionality Reduction

Dimensionality Reduction is a powerful technique that is widely used in data analytics and data science to help visualize data, select good features, and to train models efficiently. We use dimensionality reduction to take higher-dimensional data and represent it in a lower dimension. We’ll discuss some of the most popular types of dimensionality reduction, such … Read more

Building Blocks – Data Science and Linear Regression

“Data science” or “Big data analyst” is a phrase that has been tossed around since the advent of Big Data. But what is it, really? Well imagine working for a retail company. One of the questions you may be asked to answer is “how many chips should we stock up for this month?” It seems … Read more